#WIP – Episode 21 – Every 18 Seconds…

Listen to Episode 21 – Every 18 Seconds

Did you know that every 18 seconds someone in the US turns 18 and is eligible to vote?  Well…we didn’t.  However, this group of young interns from The Brand Lab did (shout out to Target and 3M for sponsoring their internship!!). Henry, Kiara, and Alexa joined us via Zoom to talk all about it in this very special episode of #WorkInProgress.  These CEO’s in the making are part of the next generation and are champions for change.  They share how Covid19 impacted their internship and adjusted to a virtual world of creating a brand and team building. Our favorite part was hearing their individual stories that had us in tears or laughing hysterically (this you will thoroughly enjoy). Lastly, they explain to us WHY it’s important to make their voices heard and #VOTE in the upcoming election on November 3rd, 2020.

Go to Vote411 to get all the information you need about voting including registering to vote and where to go.


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