• #WIP – Episode 15 – Get Your Money Right
    Listen to Episode 15 – Get Your Money Right Get Your Money Right. Whether you’re a professional athlete, a millionaire, working a nine to five, or just trying to get by— there are key elements to financial success; a willingness mindset, a support system, drive, determination, and even a few setbacks to teach you along … Read more
  • #WIP – Episode 14 – Pursuing Your Dreams, Music & Culture
    Listen to Episode 14 – Pursuing Your Dreams, Music & Culture Some of you know him as the CEO and founder of the @theavantgardeis others know him as a lyricist with a blend of East Coast hip hop, Jazz, and a twist of poetry in flow. But what makes Chadwick aka Niles’ music so unique … Read more
  • #WIP – Episode 13 – Music is Healing
    Listen to Episode 13 – Music is Healing If you’re a local here in the Twin Cities (Minnesota) and don’t know who Ryan Bynum is— you’re in for a treat on this episode! You even get a little a cappella by yours truly @kematolbert and @glaizaregis at the end lol. Ryan Bynum is a Music … Read more
  • #WIP – Episode 12 – Perception Vs. Reality
    Listen to Episode 12 – Perception Vs. Reality If you’re life is as polished and put together as you make it out to be- this need not apply to you then😁. But one of the things Fran and Glaiza want to ask you is, “Are you showing up differently behind the curtain or is what … Read more
  • #WIP – Episode 11 – Moving On
    Listen to Episode 11 – Moving On Fran and Glaiza are not afraid to admit when things are in shambles– they just are. But as they evaluate some of the experiences they've been through along with others around them, the question no longer became just about what do you do, who YOU are in the … Read more
  • #WIP – Episode 10 – Teen Suicide
    Listen to Episode 10 – Teen Suicide Grab some Kleenex because this episode’s cutting onions in the room. We brought in a special guest Brittani Senser, who is the mother of Aria Joy Burch-Senser. In this episode, we honor Aria’s name and life by telling her story out loud and speaking up against the silence … Read more
  • #WIP – Episode 9 – Hustling
    Listen to Episode 9 – Hustling Beyonce` said a diva is a female version of a hustler….well ladies and gentlemen, allow us to introduce you to this momtrepreneur, business woman, community activist, political enthusiast, (particularly in the African American community) mother, wife and hustler who wears many hats BUT….how does she keep it all together? … Read more
  • #WIP – Episode 8 – Failure
    Listen to Episode 8 – Failure How many runs of bad luck, misfortunes or mishaps can one really take? Just when you thought you could tackle through one thing, it seems like another follows, and another after. We forget to do something, late for an appointment, spilled milk, kids are crying, burnt dinner, you missed … Read more
  • #WIP – Episode 7 – Perseverence
    Listen to Episode 6 – Perseverence In the beginning he was bullied as a child, grew up in a rough neighborhood, and homeless. Eventually depression followed, an eating disorder developed, obesity kicked in, and the loss of his best friend deemed him as a hopeless cause. That is- until he was finally given a reason … Read more
  • #WIP-Episode 6 -Deconstructing the Men’s Panel
    Listen to Episode 6 – Deconstructing the Men's Panel So what have we learned?? 🤔 Relationships aren’t easy and there are so many angles to consider when approaching the dating world. Whether you’re in pursuit of, or just waiting on the right one—hear what we had to say (just 2 cents or so) on what … Read more
  • #WIP – Episode 5 – The Men’s Panel
    Listen to Episode 5 – The Men's Panel From the heavy dater, to the happily married father, and in between, we had an open conversation with a panel of men who tried to help us crack the code of how men REALLY think. We stand corrected on some things we thought we knew. The good … Read more
  • #WIP – Episode 4 – Men’s Health
    Listen to Episode 4 – Men's Health “Prevention is better than Cure.” In this episode of #WorkInProgress we take a little detour to explore one of the areas we tend to struggle with….Men.  In an effort to understand more about their "ways" we decided to start with how they take care of themselves. For example, … Read more
  • #WIP – Episode 3 – Motivation
    Listen to Episode 3 – Motivation You hear all the success stories from motivational speakers who start their mornings at 4am, travel all around the world, read dozens of books, eat healthy and exercise, mentor, and make a lot of money. But really though… where do you find the motivation? In episode 3 of #WorkInProgress … Read more
  • #WIP-Episode 2 – Vulnerability (TAAG)
    Listen to Episode 2 – Vulnerability (TAAG) In the second episode of #WorkInProgress we talk about vulnerability.  As the two of us think about the next steps needed to make positive changes in our lives, we talk about dealing with some vulnerable baggage we need to address. It's not always easy to do, but in this … Read more
  • #WIP- Episode 1- The Self Assessment
    Listen to Episode 1 – The Self-Assessment Have you ever asked yourself, "How am I doing in life?"  If you're like us, you've probably wondered this a million times.  You may make it to work early, take care of your kids or spouse, and even volunteer yourself to things you didn't expect to come up. … Read more
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